Julien Touati

Julien Touati discovered Kathakali in 2004. Actor, he was drawn by this sacred art, and decided to learn the complex body movements that make this narrative dance so typical. The learning process requires an extreme precision and years of learning.


In his fourth year of training at Kottakkal in Kerala, Julien Touati feels the need to combine this experience with his own culture, and to develop his apprenticeship within new contemporary  dramatic forms.


In 2009, as he founds his company AVS Road, he creates the duet  « And I want… » with Kathakali dancers, based on an extract of “Manque” by Sarah Kane.

In 2010 he co makes   “The table with the dogs Kathakali”, a documentay on Kathakali learning in a traditional school in India. The movie is selected in numerous festivals and is twice awarded.

In 2012, he puts himself onstage with the musician Denis Teste in “Anywhere I lay my head”, and creates a duet between a female contemporary dancer and a male Kathakali dancer in  “The book of love”.

He has been working since 2013 with Michel Lestrehan from the Prana Company on a show destinated towards young public “Rencontre avec un singe remarquable. He will be performing in Alban Richard’s new piece in march 2014 in Chaillot.


Denis Teste

Musician with a rich and diverse musical background, Denis Teste is a guitar player in various ensembles, from power trio to experimental rock. He is also the founder of In Vivo under the nickname Densio, a band that mixes hip-hop, rock and Indian influences.

He is playing guitar and bass with the poet and musician Saul Williams and writes children oriented audio book around Indian sitar, narrated by Arthur H.

Guitarist with a strong personality and well known sitar player, the part he took in Julien’s work was evident and his presence on stage by his side announces a long and fruitful collaboration.


Cédric Martinelli

Film maker, cameraman, independent film editor.


1972: birth in Provence, south of France
1995: Master of AES, specialized in communication
1997: first interview, Jean-Marc Barr
2000: founder of Sorteo, association for the promotion of Art
2003: first movie with the school “Quelque chose…”
2005:  travels to India for the first time,
2006: creation of “Rare” with Sorteo at the Bastille Opera
2008: shooting of “the table with the dogs – Kathakali” in India
C.Cedille, visual work
2009: guide for Paris Photo
2011: “prix du patrimoine culturel immaterial” at the Jean Rouch festival for “The table with the dogs”
“eccentric London” program pour 20minutes.fr
2012: first collaboration with the Bondy Blog café



Jean-Marie Carrel

Multitask artist, Jean-Marie Carrel is a film maker, director, cameraman, photographer, editor and graphist.

He is the director of “a part ca?” Company, a multidisciplinary collective with which he created Villaveli Art Factory, place of artistic creation and diffusion in India.

He’s the editor of “The table with the dogs” by Cedric Martinelli and Julien Touati.


Sandra Chartraire

She gets her education at the ENSATT with Nada S and Alain K.

While assisting her classmates during shootings, she confirms her interest for actors directing. After a few years she joins the Franco Berliner company “Le Feu Follet” ; she is director for the company in France.

From 2009 on, she takes part in artistic projects with various companies and structures (including the Faculty of Literature in Nantes) and records voices for documentaries and advertisements. In 2010 she stages Tercea, a quatuor for Les Jeunesses Musicales de France, and a duet for a pianist and a singer, “Lili et le jazz”.

She works in 2012 with Julien Touati on “Anywhere I lay my head”, and in 2013 for “Femme non-reeducable”, her first personal project.



Capucine Goust

Since graduating from the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyon in 2008, she collaborated with Nasser Martin Gousset for Creations Comedy (2008) and Pacifique(2010) as well as a cover of role in Peplum(2008). Then, she assists him for Le Visiteur (2012).
She contributes to the creation of Olivier DuboisRevolution (2009) and that of Kader AttouSynfonia Piesni Zalosnych (2010). She has also collaborated with Karine Saporta, Joëlle Bouvier, Christine Erbé and danced in several operas at the Opera de Lyon (The Seven Deadly Sins choreographed by Marie Chouinard ; La chauve souris, Johann Strauss) and also Leila and Mejnûn by Armand Amar for the festival sacred Music of Fez.
In 2012, she did a cover of role in Foudres by Dave Saint Pierre. She works with Catherine Diverrès to create Penthésilées (2013).

She has her first encounter with Kathakali dance during the creation of “The book of love” in India in 2011.


A. Unnikrishnan

45 yr old dancer, Unnikrishnan was formed to Kathakali dance at Kottakkal school in Kerala. He is a permanent member of the PSV Natyasangham company and teaches Kathakali.

He had worked a few years back in France with Annette Leday for her adaptation of King Lear in Kathakali and for her creation «La Sensitive».

In 2009 he does a cover role in Julien Touati’s first creation “And I want…”

They work again together in 2012 for the duet “The book of love”