Anywhere I lay my head



After he spent four years in Kerala (India) into a school of Kathakali, Julien Touati has decided to merge his experience with his own culture and to use his skills for contemporary drama forms.

« Anywhere I lay my head » is an in between, a fantasma where masculinity and feminity are superimposed freely. This is the encounter between his experience both as an occidental actor and as a Kathakali dancer. An unusual wandering between two cultures, two genders and two arts.

BY AND WITH : Julien Touati

LIVE MUSIC : Denis Teste

STAGE DIRECTION : Sandra Chartraire

TEXTS : Charles Bukowski, Edouard Limonov, Allen Ginsberg

Production : AVS ROAD

Partners : Cie Marie Devillers, Format Ardèche, CND, CDRN