The book of love

création 2012

From Tiruvalluvar’s poem


CHOREOGRAPHY : Julien Touati

WITH : Capucine Goust and Kottakkal A. Unnikrishnan

MUSIC : Denis Teste

Creation in progress, “The book of love” is a love poem.

It is the encounter between 2 cultures, between 2 strangers, between 2 genders.

On one side India with its tradition, its codes, its taboos, its patriarchal system are embodied by Kathakali dancer A. Unnikrishnan, 45 years old, who took inspiration in the ancestral and eponymous poem by Tiruvalluvar ;

On the other side Capucine Goust, 26 yr old contemporary dancer, represents a modern western woman, free, feminine and independent.

In opposition with Tiruvalluvar’s romantic lyrism, we are invited to listen to a loving and conflictual conversation, anchored in a contemporary theme: it is the confession of an adultery (movie by Mathieu Amalric, with the voices of Anne Alvaro and Jean-Quentin Chatelin).

It is made to show the complexity of the feelings, the influence of the social and cultural background on the relationship, but the utter necessity to love and be loved.